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This is Popular Emoticon list for N
's naughty thoughts
:-V negative
8-) nerd
:| neutral
Q:-) new graduate
(o)(o) nice boobs
(o)(o) nice hooters
:-) nice to see you
)xxzzzzz night night love you
(o)(o) nipples
C|B-) No Angel!
{} no comment
:{ no fun at all
-$ no money
:-Ø No Yelling!
):-( Nordic
:^) nosy
:/ not funny
:/) not funny
(_n_) not gay
<8(> not happy
:-x not saying anything
:-s not sure
:/ not sure
:-# not talking
:X not talking
:-x not talking
%-6 not very clever
;-P nudge nudge,wink wink
;-P nudge, nudge, wink, wink
This is Popular Emoticon list for N
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roses R red violets R blu I need 2 jump U
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