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This is Popular Emoticon list for P
(* pakistan
:-)-8 Pamela Anderson
#-) partied all night
~ party smiley
<{:-) Party smiley
/|\ peace
/O\ penguin
:=)  p*nis
<3  p*nis
C=:  p*nis
8==>  p*nis
==B  p*nis
==D  p*nis
8==D  p*nis
8===>  p*nis
0|0  p*nis
ö===  p*nis
(_)(_)/////D  p*nis
8=====>  p*nis
<==8  p*nis
c==8  p*nis
<===8  p*nis
<=3  p*nis
8===d  p*nis
(_)_)///////////D  p*nis
(_)_)//D  p*nis
3===o  p*nis
8=====D  p*nis
*(oo)=p  p*nis
<========3  p*nis
This is Popular Emoticon list for P
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