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This is Popular Emoticon list for R
E:-) radio ham
=== railroad
==#== railroad crossing
=== railway
':L Raised Eyebrow
:-r raspberries
<;:3 rat
:-! really
:-c really bummed
:((((((() really bummed
:{) really happy
:-)) really happy
8-D really happy
:-{} recent collagen shots
3:*> Reindeer
...-___-... relaxed
:**: Returning a kiss
$-) rich
:-$$$ rich
:$ rich
:’| Richard Nixon
--> right arrow
([( robocop
[:] robot
[+_+] robot
[:-|] robot
?:^[] robot face
[:] robotic
\m/(>_<)\m/ rock on!
rofwl roll on floor with laughter
This is Popular Emoticon list for R
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an irish wmn wz admited 2 hsptl aftar havin ph sx. doktors rmovd 2 nokias, 3 motorolas n 1 samsung bt no sieman wz found
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