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This is Popular Emoticon list for U
**==) U.S. flag
>:-o Uh oh
:-O uh-oh
%-{ unamused
=):-) Uncle Sam
=|:-)= uncle sam
==):-)= uncle sam
=|:o} uncle sam
X-) unconscious
::- undecided
:-( unhappy
:{ unhappy
(:+( unhappy
(:( unhappy
>:-*{ unhappy
;( unhappy (crying)
=:-( unhappy punk rocker
+:-) unibrow
(:-) unibrow happy
(_13_) unlucky ass
?:^[] unsure
:-s unsure
:-/ unsure face
/\ up
^^&> up up and away
‹^›‹(•¿•)›‹^› up yours
<^>o_o<^> up yours
‹^›‹(•¿•)›‹^› up yours!
‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› up yours!
^d8 update
This is Popular Emoticon list for U
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