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This is Popular Texting TxT Lingo list for K
cool kewl
KFY kiss for you
kiss keep it simple stupid
kiss keep it simple, stupid
kit keep in touch
kit kitset
klick kilometer
klick kilometre
KOC kiss on <the> cheek
KOC Kiss On Cheek
kol kiss off loser
kol kiss on lips
kol kiss on the lips
kos keep on smiling
kos kid over shoulder
kos kids over shoulder
kos kill on sight
KOTC kiss on the cheek
KOTC kk on the c
kwim know what I mean
kwim know what I mean?
KYPO keep your pants on
mwah kiss
mwah kisses to the people
mwah kissing sound
noty knotty
XMeQk kiss me quick
xs kisses
This is Popular Texting TxT Lingo list for K
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