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This is Popular Texting TxT Lingo list for M page 1 of 2
mmfcl much more fun comes later
morf male or female
morf male or female?
morf mother or father
MOTD message of the day
moV movie
mprmt my parents read my text
mRketN marketing
mRvLS marvellous
mRvLS marvelous
mRyMe marry me
Msia Malaysia
mstake mistake
mstke mistake
mwah me wants a hug
mwah messages which are helpful
mwbrl more will be revealed later
myn mine
myob mind your own beeswax
myob mind your own business
This is Popular Texting TxT Lingo list for M page 1 of 2
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dis S an xampl of hw r 1s gr8 lang hs bn reduced 2 a garbled string of nonsense!
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