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a pal S sum1 we turn 2 wen R spirits nd a lift, a pal S sum1 we booty 4 R fship S a gft,a pal S sum1 hu fills R lyfs W beauty, joy, n grace n maks D wrld we liv n a btr n happier plceTranslate SMS!
A gud pal S lk a computr,he 'enters' your lyf,he 'saves' u n Hs <3,'formats' your prblms,'shifts' u2 opertntys and neva 'deletes' u 4m hs heartTranslate SMS!
D wrd hello means: H=How r U? E=Everything alrite? L=Like 2 HeA frm U! L=Love 2CU sn O=Obviously I Ms U. .so, helloTranslate SMS!
dnt cry cos its over smile coz it happenedTranslate SMS!
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