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Rmemba , wen some1 pisses U off it takes 42 muscles N yr face 2 :-( , Bt , it 1ly takes 4 mucles 2 xtend yr arm N bitch-slap dat mother@#?& ! ^side D Hed .Translate SMS!
abt dat kid U tink s a freek, pik on him coz U tink hez weak , bt w@ he nos dat U dnt C , tz hz individuality dat maks him free.Translate SMS!
math of a MEANINGFUL life: + a lil sacrifice , - hatred N anger , * pals N dvide lv 4 evry1 2 shareTranslate SMS!
smt must di N ordA 2 gro - yr old habits ,yr old slf img , yr old thinkn , yr old lyf . . . must B weeded ot 4 D seeds of 6S 2 groTranslate SMS!
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