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w@ d wrd impssbL sEz I M posbL. So evry ting wich sEmz impssbL S Itslf sEz dats posbL.Translate SMS!
doctors say 8 glas of water ech day is gd 4 ur helth.I say 8 glas of vodka wth lemon on ice is gd 4 helth.u dnt no da doc bt u do knw me so tke my adviceTranslate SMS!
theres a sick kid hu nEdz yr hlp. He/She S dying of a dizeez cllD boredom. f u wn2 mak a contribution 2 hlp save their lyf, plz leev a msg W d amt ur willin to contributeTranslate SMS!
lyf S fortified by mnE friendships, 2 lov n B luvD S d gr8st blessing f8 determines hu cums N2 r lyfs d hart determines hu stays,... gudAMTranslate SMS!
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