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wen drms dnt bcum wotU hoped dey wld dnt cll em brokN drms cll em a mylstone. 4 ppl hu alw av brokN drms nvr gt NE ware n lyf n lyf S bout d livNTranslate SMS!
Dnt l%k @ d waVs dat cum crashn n tym aftr tym - l%k 4t booty, d btiful cshell dey leav Bhnd.Translate SMS!
Gud F? nvr 4gt d bad tyms dey wnt thru 2gtha.Translate SMS!
Chersh yday, yday s d goldN memrys dat mke 2day. Drm 2mo, 2mo hlds th prmse of a lyftym. Liv 2day, 2day rflcts on d rst of yr lyf.Translate SMS!
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