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lyf cn b hrd & nt alw fun. bt as nyt brings drk AM brings sun. wen lyf gets tuf & no1 sEmz 2 care gimme a cll coz Ill alw b der! Translate SMS!
I wz tawt dat 1 hour=60 mins, and 1 min=60 sec. bt dey nvr tawt me dat 1 2nd w/o a pal feels lk a million yrs Translate SMS!
f i had @>-->-- 4evry tym i hurd dat Id B walkin ina @};- gardNTranslate SMS!
I wz tawt that1 hour=60 mins, n 1 min=60 2nd bt dey nvr tawt me that1 2nd w/o a pal feels lk a million yrsTranslate SMS!
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