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peopl r like stained-glass windowz. dey sparkle n shine wen D sun S out, but wen D darkness sets n their tru beauty S revealed 1ly f there is lyt frm withn. Translate SMS!
D best wA 2 keep kids home S 2 mke D home @mosphere pleasant , n let D air outa D tiresTranslate SMS!
I woke up 2day smiling as I recall r Fship Bcz IKT yrs frm nw, Ill stil B wakin up smiling 4t same reasN evry morning.Translate SMS!
stars av 5 ends, squares hav 4 ends, triangles hav 3 ends, lines hav 2 ends, lyf has 1 Nd, but i hope r Fship hs no endTranslate SMS!
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