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lov S lk glass , 1s u drop it, its gon 4ever.Translate SMS!
4 w@ its wrth, i rly lk UTranslate SMS!
Flowers die, Stories end, song fade, Memories ar 4goten. All things come 2 an end, but precious people like u, are treasured 4ever. Take Good care of urself 4 me.Translate SMS!
I WøÜ£d ®åThE® B Ph¥siC壣y Hu®t tHåN EmÖtiÖn壣y Hu®t...¥¤Ü CåN PuT å BåNd-AiD öN ¥öÜ® FiNgE®, bt NøT ¥öÜ® hEå®TTranslate SMS!
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