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1ly d opN hart recieves lov 1ly d opN mnd recieves wisdom 1ly da opN hand recieves gfts n.. 1ly da lckE 1 recieves MSGS FRM ME Translate SMS!
Marriage changes pa$N. sudenly ur n bed W a relative Translate SMS!
yr vendor altered hs r8s. d r8 S determined by d Len of yr Xternl sx organ, d shortA dey r, d less u pay. u cn tel. 4 fre frm nw onTranslate SMS!
evry gud ting n lyf cums @ a price. So frm nw onwards, evry messege of myn recvd by Ull cost A warm H evrytme we meet . . . so plz uz DEODRANT <ashwinism> Translate SMS!
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