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one day a guy said to a girl wanna go home with me girl says wat for D guy says to make a baby Translate SMS!
READ THIS VERY SLOWLY AND OUTLOUD....I am we todd did. I am sofa king we todd did. Send this to 6 we todds.Translate SMS!
My ll dy S goin 2 tnk bout U. ll of my lyf S, 4 U.U R n my evry mo & evry steps of my lyf.R U laffin?Im tlkN bout O2, nt U!!! Translate SMS!
What men think about sex at age 8 ignore it, at 18 xperinece it, at 28 luv it , at 38 ask for it, at 48 beg for it, at 58 pay for it, at 68 pray for it ,at 78 forget it Translate SMS!
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