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yrs cum n go, bt dis yr I esp wsh 4U a 2x dose of helth n ^^ topped W loadsa gud fortuN. av a gr8 yr ahed! hpE nu yr!!!!Translate SMS!
ea mo ina dy hs itz own valU. AM brings HOPE, arvo brings FAITH, evng brings lov, nyt brings REST and sex , Hope Ull ll of em evryday. hpE nu yrTranslate SMS!
I12 wsh us ll a mrry xmas. Ive a specl \_/ of care,a pL8 of lov,a spoon of peace,a 4k of trust n a bowl of prayR ll W a spellbinding xmas n a hpE nu yr.Translate SMS!
Teamwork S crucial It ALLOWS u 2 blAm sum1 LsTranslate SMS!
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