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gud lUks ctch D eye n a good prsonality catches D <3. UR blessed W both! FLATERD? dnt B, it wz sent 2 M I jst wtd U 2 read it!Translate SMS!
i like d way it rubs against d pink soft flesh n creates a creamy foamy liquid as it thrusts in n out, cant wait 4 d nxt time god i luv my toothbrush!!!!!Translate SMS!
msg frm yr OPERATOR: yr vbr8or S interfering W R signal. pls cum nw or cntinu by h&. NE probs pls ph us, mne wanksTranslate SMS!
I wtd 2 snd u smt cute, dat wud mak U <s>, bt D postman tld M 2 GTFO of D mailbox!!Translate SMS!
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