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f ur arse S stil hot & D coast S clear, txtme dis arvo, I wll take care of u dEr! Translate SMS!
@>---)--- r red, violets r corny, wen i tink of u, oh baby i gt horny, eat me , beat me, bite me, blow me, suck me, fcuk me, vry slwly, if u x m dnt b sasy use ur tunge n mak it nstyTranslate SMS!
A ph isa 4m of Coms, a X isa 4m of affection. A pic isa 4m of remembrance, choosing u isa 4m of.. ehem gud TASTE! Translate SMS!
Roses r red, spuds r brwn, Id lk 2 get ur pants dwnTranslate SMS!
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