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sx S Lk a maths tst . . ! M + u . . . - D clothS . . . + D bed . . . Dvide D lgz snd multiply D orgasms . . . fanC a maths tst ? ?Translate SMS!
lst nite i wtd 2 write u a letta bt ll i cud write wz . . noh ss ! W ! . . It didnt mak SenZ untill u read it ^side dwn ! !Translate SMS!
i luv u, u luv me, nw lets go make a fmily Translate SMS!
a peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, but a snog aint a snog wiv out sum tonge so open ur mouf and shut ur eyes and giv dat tonge sum xersizeTranslate SMS!
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