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2-4-6-8 flng hrny jst cnt wt, 2-5-7-9 mv ur bdy nxt 2 myn, a-b-c-d cm n lie on tp of me, u-v-w-x txt me whn u fl lyk sex!Translate SMS!
roses R red n so R plums, Ive a dgre in playN W tongues. IL gv u a lesson n hw tongues cn flex n we will both gt a dgre n ht oral sxTranslate SMS!
U would l%k btifl on my faceTranslate SMS!
a prozy knos how 2keep her custmas keen, shes real drty but @ same time alwyz clean,she knos her job inside out,u dnt believe me, well call me n fnd out!Translate SMS!
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