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I am thinkN of sumthng my honi nEdz a pumping!Translate SMS!
i wna kiss ur head 2 toe, all nite long relly slw, stop at places in btwn, eat u out until u scream, make u sweat make u cum,ovr and ovr jus for funTranslate SMS!
DY taK me 2B ur lawfully f**kble sex m8 2 fuK 2 suk n 69ers n dogG styl n 1000 positNs til D kdz nock on r bdrm door du us part?Translate SMS!
U are callD 2 cupids cort 4 1)Stealin my hart. 2)Trespassin n my drems. f u r found giLty, u r sentenced 2 3 hours raw sx W me. how do u plead?Translate SMS!
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