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if i was a flower wud u pik me, f i was a lollie wud u lick me, if i wza swet would u suk me, and if i asked nicely wud u F**k me?Translate SMS!
If the sea was vodka & i was a duck,id swim 2 the bottom & drink my way the sea isnt vodka & im not a duck,so txt me bk if u fancy a f*ck!Translate SMS!
}xx R blown , }xx R wasted , blo jobs Rnt blo jobs Unl thyre tasted , sx spreads germs , germs R hated , so ride M bb Im vaccinatedTranslate SMS!
hi der ~:o , i thort u myt wanna knw a <s> S a curve dat cn str8N ot heaps of fingsTranslate SMS!
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