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lst nyt I Culdnt shut eye. I wtd yr warm agenst my skin. I wtd u on me. I wtd 2 feel yall ovr my bod.. bt I c%dnt fnd u! whr did I put my PYJAMAZ?Translate SMS!
DdU heA bout d ldy hu gave brth 2 a blok of w%d? dey sA she wz NAILED by a CARPENTERTranslate SMS!
w@ did d blondes ryt leg sA 2 d lft leg? nothin. They've nvr met. Translate SMS!
hw mnE economists dz it taK 2 screw ina lyt bulb? nun. f d lyt bulb realy needed changiN, mkt forces wd av alrdy cauzd it 2 hpn.Translate SMS!
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