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Id lk 2B a volcano... smoke ll dy n ppl sA ... luuk like hes wurkn!Translate SMS!
mii andd mauh chiild annd mmauuh babiie dadds lovve thhe hecckk ouutt of youuhh mann youhh wldnt evrr undrtannd aytng iimm tliin youhh dde qett thhe cluue.Translate SMS!
an irish wmn wz admited 2 hsptl aftar havin ph sx. doktors rmovd 2 nokias, 3 motorolas n 1 samsung bt no sieman wz foundTranslate SMS!
Birdy birdy n d sky, lft a poop n my eye. Me dnt care, me dnt cry, me jst hpE dat a 3:-o cant fly!! Translate SMS!
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