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7 resons (B) aint btr thN women 1.A (B) btl doesnt l%k btr W lbl off 2.Peeling off (B) labels isnt as mch fun. 3. u cn suk a (B) @ O1 spot. 4. NjoyN a (B) nvolves a poz calorie intake. 5. d btm of a (B) cn isnt vry interestin. 7. ders a law bout drivN aftr havN 2 mnE beers 8. u hav2 B ovr 21 2 Njoy (B) Translate SMS!
nw dat food hs replacd sx n my lyf, I cnt evn gt N2 my own pants. Translate SMS!
watz d diff btw men n pigs? A: Pigs dnt turn N2 men wen dey \_/... Translate SMS!
w@ did da aboriginal gal sA after her !st sexual xperience?get off me dad ur squishin my smokes.Translate SMS!
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