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Why do cows look so depressed when being milked? Well, if somebody woke u up early, rubbed ur tits for 2 hours & didnt f**k u , youd be pissed off 2!!Translate SMS!
A guy walks ^ 2 a gal n says: Wanna play magic? She asks: wadya mean? He says: We go 2 my place, boink n thN U DSapER!Translate SMS!
w@ hz a 10 pin bowling ball n a woman got n comman? they both lov getN pikD up, fingered + fukD ^ an alley + they both cum rollin bac 4 mor. .Translate SMS!
yday I seen ur splitting img, he/she lOkd jst lk U!!!! I evn shouted ur nme, wen it turnD rnd it jst s@ der picking its ass n e@tiN bananas. thN I relized twas a (8-})!Translate SMS!
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