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D irish army av had 2 snd der bst fmale officers 2 D gulf. unfortunatly dey mixed up their anthrax W their tampax n poisoned D rong c*ntsTranslate SMS!
If a X was a raindrop id send u showas, If a hug was a second id send u hrs, if a smile was water id send u the C, If Lv was a person id send u me!Translate SMS!
BOY: mummy y u jumpin on daddy MUM:2 flaten hs tummy BOY: bt mummy it wont wrk MUM: BOY: cos D womn frm nxt door cums n da mornin 2 blo him ^Translate SMS!
B4 u criticise sum1, wlk a mile n der shoes.... dat wA u r a mile awy frm dem, dude u hav a nu pair of shoes!~~~Translate SMS!
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