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mobile mobile in my hand whos da sexist in da land the mobile laughed n made a grunt its not u ya ugly cunt.Translate SMS!
der wr 2 blondes walkin n D wuds wen dey came across trax, 1 said dey wr deer trax da otha said dey wr k9 trax! dey wr stll fytin wen D zug hit em!Translate SMS!
U LIAR, THOUGHT I COULD TRUST U, Y DID U OPEN UR BIG MOUTH, Im never tellin U ANYTHIN AGAIN, STOP TELLIN every1 dat im so beautiful!!Translate SMS!
wich drops 1st? D blond or brunet? itz D brunet coz D blond hz 2 ask 4 drctns!Translate SMS!
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