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an irish wmn wz admited 2 hsptl aftar havin ph sx. doktors rmovd 2 nokias, 3 motorolas n 1 samsung bt no sieman wz foundTranslate SMS!
Birdy birdy n d sky, lft a poop n my eye. Me dnt care, me dnt cry, me jst hpE dat a 3:-o cant fly!! Translate SMS!
I wtd 2 do somit realy original n specl 4U on dis impt dy.............. so I broK wind on dis txt....Translate SMS!
Y? dz (B) contain >- hormones ? ... wen u \_/ 2much of it, u cnot sA NEfin sensible Ny mor, u *t 2 nag +U r no longA abL 2 drV a car Translate SMS!
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