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Gsus Z 2 john . cm 4th n Ill gv u eternal lyf . he came 5th n won a toaster Translate SMS!
dawn french woz arrested 2day 4 drug smugglin she bent ova wivout ne nickas on n exposd 50 kilos of crack.Translate SMS!
Tarzan & D animals went 2 D rivA 2 tak a bath . wen Tarzan t%k off Hs cloths , ll D animals *L* . wen Tarzan askD Y? ? D animals said: yr tail S n frnt Translate SMS!
5 diffrences btw ET n asylum seekers 1 ET wznt blk 2 ET came on hs own 3 ET learnt en 4 ET had hs own bke n 5 ET wtd 2 go homTranslate SMS!
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