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Y do we close r Iyz wen we zzz - wen we dream, wen we X? dis S becoz D most precious thing n D wrld S unseen. Wen i clse my Iyz i c u!Translate SMS!
my Iyz r hurting coz i can not C u,my arms r Mt coz i can not hld u,my lips r cold coz i can not X u, n my hart S breakN coz Im nt w/u Translate SMS!
f wer a mirror n u askd me:Whos the fairest human to be?Ill answer you this:ure the one with the fairest face,Not of humans, but of angels race.Translate SMS!
ur phones signal S poor, my msgs r sumtyms delayed. but D only ting I lov S it connects me 2 u wen we r apart, LY XX Translate SMS!
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