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I opened my purse N found it Mt . i reached N 2 my pocket n found a few coins thn i searched my <3 N found u ! dats wen I realised I wz richTranslate SMS!
dream a dream 2nite as u ZZZ . <s> a <s> 2morrow dat u may kp . may ll of ur drms N wishs cm tru cauZ i could`nt fnd a betA pal lk u !Translate SMS!
i wrot ur name in da sand bt da waves wshd it away so i wrot ur name in da sky bt da clouds blew it away so i wrot ur nam in in my heart an dats wer itl alwayz stay.Translate SMS!
if luv was a pack of rolos id give u my last, if luv was a rose id grow them 4 u, if luv was a secret with u i would share.. if luv was a secret wot would u do?Translate SMS!
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