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>@< Canes r vry tasty, lollies r gud, my bb luvs me, jst lk he shdTranslate SMS!
TY 4 lst nyt, twas NcreDbl!Translate SMS!
no greeting card 2 gv swt flwr 2 cute graphics 2 forwrd ...jst a swt wrds sayng ;i luv u .Translate SMS!
sumWhEr ThErS sUm1 wHo dReAmS oF yR sMiLe, n FiNdS iN yR pResEnCe ThAt LyFe iS wOrTh wHiLe, So WhEn u R lOnELy rEmEmBeR iT's TrU SuMboDy sUmwHer Is ThInKiN of U!Translate SMS!
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