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der S a gift dat gold cannot buy , a blessing dats rare N tru , dats a gift of a 1dRfL frend , Lyk D frend dat Ive N UTranslate SMS!
luvN some1 S EZ , makin some1 lov u S hard . . . nw i kip wondring , how did U mke it so EZ 4 me 2 LYTranslate SMS!
once upon a time it happend 2 me , D sweetest ting dat could evr B . It ws a fantaC a dream come tru , it ws D day i come 2 kno UTranslate SMS!
Ive the I, Ive the L ,Ive the O, Ive the V,Ive the E so wen CN I hav U ?Translate SMS!
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