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hey 6y i lov u, ur D hottest ting n D wrld Translate SMS!
1 of da hrdst fings n lyf s 2 fnd sum1 who u trully L&C bout. But da fing dats alot mor hrder 2 find n lyf, s sum1 who trully Luvs & Cares 4 u jus as mch n rtrn. Wen dat chnce cums....Dnt eva let dem go, bc u wnt no how imprtnt dey r 2 u, until dey r out of ur lyf!Translate SMS!
if snowflakes were kisses id send u a blizzardTranslate SMS!
ILU more thN NEfin n D wrld, IWYWH W me 2 hold n hug n XTranslate SMS!
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