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when i 1st saw you i was afraid to meet you, when i 1st met you i was afraid to kiss you, when i 1st kisse you i was afraid to love you, and now that i love you im afraid to loose youTranslate SMS!
wen i first saw U i waz fraid 2 mEt U, wen i 1st met U i wz fraid 2 X U, wen i 1st kisD U i wz fraid 2 lov U, nw dat ILU Im fraid 2 loose UTranslate SMS!
IMU +I wn2 CU friTranslate SMS!
My Iyz r hurting coz i cant C u,my arms r Mt coz i cant hld u,my lips r cld coz i cant X u, n my <3 S breakN coz Im nt W U ....Translate SMS!
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