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n my drEms i drEm of U of all D fings dat we cUd do, an n my <3 i yearn 4 mor of D sweetest peRsN hu i adore, bt most of all D fings i ms S givin u a goodnite X Translate SMS!
flowAs nEd sunshine, violets nEd dew, ll angels n heaven knw I nd u. yrs may fly, tears may dry, but my Fship W u will nvr di.Translate SMS!
Dont wanna clse my Iyz dont wanna fall asleep cauZ IMU babe I dont wn2 ms a ting bcause evn wen I dream of U D sweetest dream wl nvr do Ill stil MU babe I do not wn2 ms a tingTranslate SMS!
DuRing MaTh$ I wAz ThinkIn OF u,But I stiLL CannOT CalcuLate How Much I lOve UTranslate SMS!
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