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wen i 1st luked deep in2 yr i's i cud not comprimise with the undying luv dat became my amazin prizeTranslate SMS!
mne ppl hav touched my lyf , bt sadly ur nt 1 of dem , dis s bcoz u did mor dan tch my lyf . U lft a mark 4me 2 rmemba u 4 da rest of my lyfTranslate SMS!
many people will wlk in + out of yr life but only true friends will leave footprints in yr heartTranslate SMS!
sumWhEr ThErS sUm1 wHo dReAmS oF yR sMiLe, n FiNdS iN yR pResEnCe ThAt LyFe iS wOrTh wHiLe, So WhEn u R lOnELy rEmEmBeR iT's TrU SuMboDy sUmwHer Is ThInKiN of U!Translate SMS!
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