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i nd u mor thN NEfin n n planet erthTranslate SMS!
f ur a bee thN im yr honey If ur eastA thN im yr bunnyIf ur myn thN my lyf wl 4ever B sunny n f u sA No thN dis wl ll B funETranslate SMS!
LIFE is 4 livn, i live mine 4 u! DREAMS r 4 dreamin, mine r of u! LOVE is 4 givn, i giv mine 2 u! HEARTS r 4 beatin & mine beats 4 u!!Translate SMS!
If u nd 2 knw hw much i love u, nxt time it rains go stand outside with ur hands out & try to catch raindrops, th 1s u catch is hw much uv bn luvd b4, th 1s u mis is hw much i love u! XXOTranslate SMS!
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