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wen u lov sum1 truly, u dnt l%k 4 faults, u dnt l%k 4 ansas, u do notlook 4 errs. Nstead, u fyt d errs, u cept d faults n overlook d XcusesTranslate SMS!
ILY cn B z so mnE tyms n so mnE diFrent wAz... n usu maks mi feel d same wA... Yet wen u sA it, Thoes same 3 lil wrds,… thN I feel lk d top of d wrld, coz IK u realy do lov MeTranslate SMS!
evry tym Icu my hart beast stongerTranslate SMS!
2 nyt d 1 u lov wl LY mor thN u cn imagiNTranslate SMS!
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