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lst nyt i la lukin @ D ** I matchd every1 W a reasN 4 Y? IYQ so mch, i wz doiN gr8 til I ran outa **Translate SMS!
evry tym we Mbrace, I go 2 dat fr awy plce wen we jst wlk h I am n never,never landTranslate SMS!
i am gonna write ur name on all the bricks ~i miss u ~ n i wish tha 1 falls on ur tha u wll knw how much it hurts when u miss sum1 as special as u!xTranslate SMS!
GiV L@ugh 2 @ll bt $m|l£ 2 1, G|v Ch££k$ 2 @ll bt L|p$ 2 1, G|v LuV 2 @ll bt H£@rt 2 1, L£t £v£ry1 LuV U bt U LuV 1Translate SMS!
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