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txtN S lk d 21st centuries wAz of freely UzN novl syntax, as did Shakespeare n hs tym. Shakespeare md ^ sevrl K nu wrds, includN six diFrent wAz 2 spel hs own nAm Translate SMS!
bleev Ø u heA, n 1ly 1/2 of wotU C.Translate SMS!
Coms n Ny 4m S btr 2hv n lyf thN d potential 2rite en correctlyTranslate SMS!
txt msgs cn B ritN ina wA dat maks em mch shortA. u cn mke arangmnts 2 mEt ppl by sAyn, mEt me l8r @ d pub or wd u lk 2 go ot danciN @ d w/e? dat wA u uz fewer chars ans so u save $. sumtyms it l%ks a bit funE so u *L* ot loudTranslate SMS!
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