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I lov propr gramma n sp. ppl deez days drV me >:-( W their lingo, txt tlk n idiotic uz of d en lang.Translate SMS!
does somit as trivial as d corruption of d gr8st lang n d wrld bother uTranslate SMS!
shrth& S 4 txtN nt Facebook or Emsgs. NEfin less jst maks d pRsN l%k iliter8 or uneduc8d. Translate SMS!
d ritR finx dat ritN n textese S actuly gud 4 kids.It cUd incr d literacy lvls of kids coz ppl cUd xploR hw dey cUd chng en wrds N2 abbrs or syns.I finx dat kids cUd turnto fucha poets by cr8ing nu wrdsTranslate SMS!
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