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txt spk isa vry annoying wA of ritN bt as fr as I go I tnk f txt spk S yr Bgst prob thN yr doiN btr thN mostTranslate SMS!
jst w@ wl d en lang l%k lk n d fucha f dis S hw we tlk 2day?Translate SMS!
cn u read dis? I prolly wudnt B abL 2 read dis f 1of my F?? sent dis 2 B. Id smak em silE f dey triD 2 mke me read dis. spk en! l%k @ w@ dis wrld S cmng 2!!Translate SMS!
sum guy frm havard uni reckons dat lerning txt lang B4 UNo en S highly detremental 2 yr lerningTranslate SMS!
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