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A mixtya of ll deez typz of txt lang cn cre8 a mch shoter msg. d uz of deez lang typz cn also Bcum diFicult 2 read, bt wen users Bcum uzd 2 readN dis 4m of ritN nuf, deciphering d wrds cums mor naturally, such S d effct of txt lang on yung minds.Translate SMS!
typin Ntire msgs thus regularly wl earn u a warnin n posibly a ban.Translate SMS!
dis S an xampl of hw r 1s gr8 lang hs bn reduced 2 a garbled string of nonsense!Translate SMS!
I lov propr gramma n sp. ppl deez days drV me >:-( W their lingo, txt tlk n idiotic uz of d en lang.Translate SMS!
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