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1000 wrds 1 cUd say, 1000 wishS i cUd pray, 1000 miles legz cUd wlk, 1000 sounds a mouf cUd talk, 1000 tmes ill b tru, 1000 wayz 2 say i luv u!Translate SMS!
f I wr 2B NEfin n dis world…. I’d B ur tears!!!… So, I can B conceived n ur hart, born n ur Iyz, liv on ur cheeksTranslate SMS!
luvly msg 4 a luvly pRsN from a luvly pRsN 4 a luvly reasN @ a luvly tym from alovely mnd ina luvly mood ina luvly styl 2say; i ms u Translate SMS!
f luvs a dizeez den im vry ill . bt i dont wnt medCN i wont taK no pill.i wl suffA dis illness cos it maks me C Xactly hw mch u mean 2 meTranslate SMS!
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