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ill fuk u sittin ill fuk u standin n if i had wings id fuck u flyin n wen ya ded n long forgotten ill dig ya up n fuk u rottenTranslate SMS!
speak me speak me dont lov me,lov me lov me dont tuch me,tuch me tuch me dont kiss me,kiss me kiss me dont f**k me,f**k me f*k me dont 4get me.Translate SMS!
i wish i waz ur blanket,i wish i wz ur bed, i wish i waz ur pillow underneath ur hed,i wan2B arnd u,i wn2 hld u tyt, n B D lckE pRsN hu }xx u gudniteTranslate SMS!
here isa @};- 4t 1 i lovTranslate SMS!
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