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I cant undRst& Y? im Nluv wtih u S it coz thN mn sent u frm abov 2 taK awy my pain.Or did he snd u 4me2 hug W, wen it rain? bt IK 1 ting S u taK awy my pain. n w@ im sAyn S ILU Translate SMS!
<s>, ILU Translate SMS!
U mean mor 2 me thN lyf Itslf n altgh ur fr frm me 2nite i wntU 2 knw ILUWAMH n wl 4 ll eternityTranslate SMS!
jingle jangle bingle bangle i wana fuk u 4rm every angle ur lips r made to lick and suck and u were made 4 me 2 fukTranslate SMS!
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