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RUBz l8rTranslate SMS!
life is short, liv it! luv is sweet, feel it! anger is injurious , dump it! troubles r momentary, face it! memories r 4eva, cherish it! u r amazin, accept it! Translate SMS!
PeAcHeS r PeAcHeS,PlUmS r PlUmS,A kIs AiNt A kIs WiThOwT sUm ToUnGe,So OpEn Ur MoUtH & cLoSe Ur EyEs,AnD gIvE uR ToUnGe SuM eXeRcIsE!Translate SMS!
it musta bn rainin on D dy u wr born bt it wrnt rly D rain- D sky wz *tear* coz it had jst 404 a B-U-T-full J^!Translate SMS!
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