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Sex Is Evil Sex Is Class Whip Me Baby Spank My Ass 69r, Doggy Style F*ck Me Baby,Make Me Smile,So If You Want Me In Ya Sac Lick Ya Lips n Txt Me Bk.Translate SMS!
w@ hz a 10 pin bowling ball n a woman got n comman ? dey both lov getN pikD ^ , fingered fukD ^ an alley dey both cum rolling bac 4 mor Translate SMS!
I hereby place you under arrest 4 violating code 6969. Distracting people with ur hot looks & sex appeal. Remain silent & report 2 me bedroomTranslate SMS!
some1 misses U nEdz U worries about U wnts 2B W U ................................... but it aint me!Translate SMS!
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